Facebook Data Extractor Crack Premium 2020

Facebook Data Extractor is the innovative tool that is been used to capture hidden information from your Facebook. The information that Facebook Data Extractor can extract for you includes Phone numbers, websites linked, business name, Emails and more. It is developed to extract data in graph API. Simply its mean that you can extract Facebook Information even from the fan pages of individuals. You will be able to extract all sort of information like Addresses, city, Company terms and conditions and linked social media profiles. With , Facebook Data Extractor you can search everything like the keyword search such as travel company, Person surname with in any location, city or country. Even the advance version can extract the data via zip codes means that the profiles in your radius. 

No Worries now to drag your competitor’s personal FB profile, fan page, Facebook Ads, Personal Groups to target the audience without knowing them. Facebook Data Extractor will highly recommend you to target the leads for promoting self to increase maximum sales from today. Amazing for Amazon or Alibaba dropshipping business, Emails, FB ADS and Whatsapp Marketing. 

Deployment Features:

  • Scrap Data of joined Liked pages, Personal Groups, Facebook Profiles and Fanpages
  • Extract data of mutual friends of any profile Guaranteed 
  • Limitless data scraping of recent searched by individual Profile
  • Simply Convert Mobile no and Emails in to UID for accurate search
  • Divert Fanpage likes and comments automatically on your Profile and Page
  • Data can be Extracted of up to 5 millions 
  • Gender based Search and Accurate Extraction
  • Improved Method to Scrap ID from pages 
  • Also, it’s a Solution for Generate Facebook Token 

 Facebook Data Extractor is observed as the must to have tool for all experts of social media marketers. When drawing its image, there are many features like extract data from FB Page to Page via synchronizing, Group Keywords and may more to discover with the passage of time. One can transfer even the Software licenses from one PC to another.

 Facebook Data Extractor can be beneficial for professionals to extract Full Name, Public Name and FB UID fast and accurate. Providing best Facebook Data Extractor in the market throughout. 

Operational Specifications:

  • User-friendly Experience
  • Intituive Graphical experience
  • Extract accurate Data without any confusion
  • Auto Save extracted data in API and CSV format very easily to be accessed in future
  • Supports all types of Operating systems
  • Offers Facility of 1-place dashboard that can assist person easily 

For E-business Facebook Data Extractor is a very significant tool that synchronize itself with facebook and blend it into any Facebook business without any effort. It is fully completed automatic operational tool. It has been reported as the gorgeous tool that can scraps the information within few seconds. User can be eligible to access lifetime updates to access full features. Additionally, it can work with proxy settings. Advancement to Get over unlimited Facebook Traffic you want.