G-Business Extractor 6.0.2 Cracked 2021


G-Business Extractor is a tool that captures contact information such as name, address, phone number, websites, number of likes and other important information from GOOGLE MAPS.

Our software uses Google Maps network to generate a list of prospects in seconds. You can search by keyword or category like restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels and in any location, city, state or country. You can use postal codes or a radius in meters to get more accurate results.

Now you’re going to be able to generate rigth sales leads from Google Maps pages, you can make more business contacts and be productive like never before.

How to use G-Business Extractor to extrapolate email, addresses, phones from Google Maps
Step 1. Download, install and start the G-Business Extractor program

Step 2. Click on “ADD” to write the category and search location

Step 3. Click on “GET DATA” to start capturing the data

Step 4. Click SELECT ALL -> EXPORT to save the data on your computer in CSV or XLS format

Google Maps Scraper – Video Tutorial



If you see a lot of duplicates during the capture it means that the tool does not find other results and you can STOP and EXTRACT data.
If you search for niche categories in a certain city we suggest you to follow these steps to avoid duplicates and to complete the task in few minutes.

STEP 1. Open the software and go in SETTINGS and set 5-10 results per zip code as shown below

STEP 2. Set the keyword and location. About the location you just need to select the city and select all zip codes.

STEP 3. Click GET DATA to start capture data

STEP 4. Export data and you will have no duplicates