Instagram data Extractor Cracked 2020

An instagram data extraction solution with a wide range of options and services provides the user with greater flexibility when extracting data.

These solutions allow users to extract information in a very simple way, and they provide them with tools to filter and verify extracted information and more options, create secure licenses for their clients to give more flexibility during resale and more …

In addition, it provides blocking technology that reduces the chance of getting blocked and keeps an account secure


  1. Complete Solution
  2. Extract data from list instagram usernames.
  3. Extract email and phone and more from list instagram usernames.
  4. import list usernames do you want to extract his information.
  5. Export information (result) to txt or csv files .
  6. Selection fields you want to export .
  7. Easy to customize for non developer
  8. Random delay between pulling (anti blocking)
  9. Reselling application
  10. 100% Stable application.