Pinflux 2 Pro 4.3 Cracked 2020 – Pinterest Bot

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Pinflux 2 Pro 4.3 Cracked 2020 – Pinterest Bot

Pinflux 2 is known as the upgraded version of Pinflux. If you are also working in online marketing field long enough, you may have ever heard of Pinflux which is one of the hottest products in 2017 with thousands sold out. For those who are not familiar with the product, I would like to summarize key details about Pinflux 2.

Pinflux 2 is a breakthrough Pinterest Auto-Application which is designed to remove the manual works of content marketing. It is used to find the content, automate pinning & re-pinning, quickly add viral images, handle Likes&Engagement automatically,…with main purpose is to generate phenomenal traffic.

Although from very early time did people consider Pinterest as the fastest growing traffic source for e-commerce, brands, bloggers and even social media marketers, they still cannot optimize it to the fullest. The reason is simple. There was no effective automation tool that unlocked every feature of Pinterest except Pinflux 2. The first version proved it clearly with its successful sales. Let’s see whether Pinflux 2 can do the same.

Many online marketers easily recognize such products as InstaViral, Video Jeet, and Reach Multiply and their creator – Cyril Jeet. This man has long claimed his reputation among online marketer community with his invention of many high-quality digital products focusing on social media marketing. With the invention of Pinflux 2, Cyril hopes to deliver a comprehensive platform, supporting the Pinterest marketing campaign.


Obviously, Pinflux 2 inherits its predecessor’s outstanding functionalities. You gain the same benefits from Pinflux 2.

Generate Your Marketing Campaign On Pinterest

  • Manage all Pinterest account on one single dashboard. Users can log into as many accounts as they want and control all of them
  • Detect viral fresh content and post them to your boards
  • Search board or pins with any keywords upon your niche
  • Arrange a pinning schedule and create pins to unlimited boards on an autopilot
  • Search the best pins in your niche and have them automatically re-pinned to your boards

Drive Quality Organic Traffic

  • 100% free social traffic
  • Find and Follow people in the same as your niche and get follow-backs
  • Automatically follow, unfollow, like and comment. These features let you get rid of all the annoying procedures of liking, commenting, and reacting on Pinterest.
  • Get into top public boards and use their audience to develop your business
  • Automatically gain quality, organic, women and home oriented traffic to all of your blogs
  • Send traffic anywhere through links and custom descriptions with your pitch.

Pinflux 2 Is One-Of-A-Kind And Innovative Tool On The Marketplace

  • Work with multiple boards across multiple IDs.
  • Do tasks faster and better with automation.
  • Super Easy-To-Use interface
  • Complete reporting keeps you updated
  • 100% support for manual actions. You can do everything from within Pinflux with using instruction
  • No writing boring articles
  • No confusing Facebook Ads
  • No begging for backlinks

What’s more in Pinflux 2?
In other words, what do you benefit from this latest version?

  • Pinflux 2 is managed to optimize the automation by removing the App Approval Process. This means that you can automate everything without having to get your app permitted, which is more convenient for users
  • It gives more supports on scheduling posts and pins, together with the automation for follow and unfollow
  • The Pro Version included offers supports by directly messaging the fresh fans on Pinterest
  • The best part is, there is no price difference between Pinflux and Pinflux 2. The price remains the same! Good news, isn’t it?


I have to confess that I am not good at so-called technical stuff but using this software is a part of my job. Guess what? I am really surprised that I can use it like a pro. Because it includes 3 steps and each of them is not difficult at all. Ok now I will show you the using instruction.

  • Step 1: Connect all your Pinterest accounts & Boards
  • Step 2: Set up keywords & board settings
  • For example, if you want to follow people from Floral design, simply type down the keywords then Save Setting
  • Step 3: Watch your Pinterest traffic & stats grow

Those step doesn’t require any special skills in technique and you are also provided with full training video making sure you can easily go through the whole process.

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