SocialPhoneExtractor 5.6.0 Cracked 2021

Social Phone Extractor
Extract Telephone Numbers and Whatsapp

Social Phone Extractor is the new software designed to search for telephone numbers (landlines and mobiles) and Whatsapp numbers from the main social netowkr namely LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM. In addition to searching on these social sites, the program allows you to search and extract telephone and Whatsapp numbers from the Web, taking full advantage of the potential of the main search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Social Phone Extractor is really simple to use, just enter one or more keywords, choose the network (between Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or the entire WEB), search and finally start the extrapolation of telephone numbers. In order to search and capture the desired data and phone numbers / Whatsapp accounts, here are some filters that you can apply: nationality, city, job title, company name, and other possible keywords.

Below is a detailed step-by-step guide that will show you how to best use this “Phone Social Network Spider”.

First download and install Social Phone Extractor on your WINDOWS PC

STEP 1. Launch Social Phone Extractor

INSTALL the program on your computer. Once started you will see the following screen.

STEP 2. Search

Enter the search data.
The first field is that of the KEYWORD (eg research “Consultants”, “Web Designer” or “Hotel” and so on).
The second field is optional and is relative to the location (city or nation)
The third field is the Social Network to be probed ( facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram or the entire Web)
The fourth field is the country in which to search and relative ” international prefix ” (country code)
The fifth filter is the search engine to be used to search for email addresses (Google, Bing or Yahoo)
The last filter is the one related to Whatsapp: by selecting YES you can extrapolate Whatsapp numbers (for the most part)

After entering the data, click on SUBMIT

STEP 3. Data Capture

After clicking on SUBMIT the window with the search results in the GOOGLE engine (or Bing or Yahoo) will open. At this point, to start extrapolating all the phone numbers and Whatsapp numbers, simply click on DATA CAPTURE as highlighted in the following figure

STEP4. Extrapolate phone numbers

The program will automatically extract the data of people and companies with their telephone numbers and Whatsapp numbers. All numbers will be in international format (with international prefix in front of the number) and will be ready to be used in other platforms (e.g. to send SMS or to send Whatsapp messages in bulk )

At the end of the data capture you can select all the results and click on EXPORT to save everything in a CSV or EXCEL file. By default the CSV format is set but you can change it by accessing SETTINGS :