Spider Annunci v.6.3.0 Cracked 2021

Jan 14, 2021
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Spider Annunci v.6.3.0 Cracked 2021

Extract Mobile Numbers, Email and Data from Ad Sites (kijiji, bakeca, immediately)

Spider Ads Online: Kijiji (ebay Ads), Bakeka.it, Subito.it
Powerful software that can scan the main Italian ad sites online to extract important information such as cell phone numbers, phone numbers, ad description, photos in the ad, advertiser name and even the email address (if present in clear within the description of the ad itself) etc …

With this application you can perform 100% customizable searches to get targeted user targets (both PRIVATE and COMPANIES) to contact by phone (or email) or lists of ads to be consulted comfortably in offline mode . Just select the source (ebay, bakeca, immediately, ..), then select category and as soon as the page with the announcements of that category opens, click on the ” CATCH ” button and you’re done! All the results will be extracted and formatted in a list that you can view and save in a CSV, TXT or EXCEL file.

The program searches for information from Italian classifieds sites, very quickly and efficiently. Ad sites supported by this program include:

1460705178-1145-bakeca-logoBakeca.it: accessible at the url http://www.bakeca.it/ The site is divided by regions and it is possible to search from the city that interests us most. Obviously the provincial capitals and some of the most important cities of each region are listed. In addition to the breakdown by city, there is a breakdown into different categories: on Bakeca, in fact, you can search for everything from rented rooms to books, from used cars to a job.


Kijij ( www.kijiji.it ) is the official online classifieds site Ebay . It contains thousands of classifieds of job offers, car classifieds, houses and sales in all the cities of Italy. It is possible to search by single city or search nationwide to see all the ads.
Kijiji is today the most popular and visited Italian ad site, also thanks to the advertising that is present on ebay.

Subito.it ( www.subito.it ) is another famous Italian ad site that contains thousands and thousands of ads of all types and categories. Also in this case it is possible to display the ads by category, by region, by location and also by keyword.
Advertisers are both private and corporate.

Once the search has been carried out and the data obtained, it will be possible to export all the data to a CSV file.

To extract information from the ad sites listed above, here are the main steps to take.

STEP 1. Download and install Spider Ads on your Windows PC

After installing and starting the program, this main screen will open:

STEP 2. Select the ad site to “crawl”

Click on the logo of the ad site from which you want to “capture” the data. For example, clicking on Bakeca will open this screen:

STEP 3. Select the category and location of the ads to be “captured”

Choose the type of ads you want to view and capture with the program. For example, select the category “job offers” and click on the ” Search ” button . Once the page with the search results appears in the program, click on the CATCH button and the software will start extracting all the information of the ads: ad title, description, advertiser, location, type, date, phone number (mobile), link photo, email address, etc …

Here is the screen you will see when capturing ad data:
STEP 4. Export the data

At the end of the data extraction click on SELECT and then on EXPORT . You can export the data to an excel, csv or txt file (to choose the type of file to export click on the SETTINGS menu at the top and then select the output format).

NB: The export is active only with the “FULL” version of the program. In the demo version, however, after 35 results captured, the following window will appear asking you to purchase the program license ( CLICK HERE to access the purchase page to request the unlimited license valid for 1 year)
That’s all!


From the program settings, in addition to choosing the format of the exported file, it also allows you to select which data to export. For example, if you are interested in exporting only the name of the advertiser and his mobile number (or landline), select the “Name” and “Phone” boxes and click OK to confirm. This way the exported file will only contain these two columns.


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