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More Functions in TrafficBotPro III Than TrafficBotPro II

Brand New Custom Operation Feature
Find the element you want to operate more accurately through ID Class Xpath or Selector., which leads to a more convenient task-setting.

Smarter Proxy Detection
Various proxies can be automatically detected, allowing your proxies to be clear at a glance.

Proxy and Account Security
This function lets you bind accounts with appointed proxies, so that later the program will use the same proxy with this account all the time. This will make your account much safer. These sites don’t want to see that you are in USA now and then you are in England after 1 min. You can set every account to use a different proxy, you also can set every 2 or X accounts to use the same proxy. The program can also use the conventional proxy rotate method of using a different proxy every time the account logs in. It’s very smart, it’s all is down to your settings. And our software’s operation is same to human’s operation, this will avoid your accounts got suspended. We have many excellent proxy partners who will give you discount price and great proxies that work well with our software.

Best Anti-Fingerprint and Anti-tracking Technology

Our software approaches browser fingerprinting in a completely indigenous way. Instead of trying to prevent websites from reading your computer’s fingerprint, our software allows reading it but replaces your original fingerprint with a different one. When you use a proxy IP, our software is fully different to other software that only add a proxy to your browser to work, our software will set the timezone, language, DNS and location etc… is matched to your proxy IP, that will make you looks like a real people from the proxy IP. Our software can also generate different device fingerprint and bind different fingerprint with your accounts. Once the account is bind with proxy IP, device fingerprint and other settings, the account will use these settings all the time with all operation. That is why you can use our software to mange and operate many accounts with different proxy safely.

Powerful Cloud Control Function

VPS Cloud Control

You can easily distribute threads to all VPS using VPS cloud version

The cloud control function provides extremely simple management functions, you only need to run a set of software on your host, you can easily manage the cloud publishing and running of all tasks.

TrafficBotPro has been tested on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and MacBook with Windows VM; it’s advisable to have a screen resolution larger than 1024x768px for optimal interface display due to the large amount of functionality.