Wasap Sender PRO V7.2 Cracked 2020

Aug 7, 2020
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Wasap Sender PRO V7.2 Cracked 2020

Whatsapp Sender Pro” Software
That Is Able To Send Thousands Of Messages , And Can Also Extract Numbers From The Smoke Group Easily!

WA Sender Pro can send bulk messages, filter wasap numbers, extract numbers from wasap chat @ group and can import / export wasap numbers!
“If you already have a lot of contacts in wasap, you can use this software to do follow up. No need to waste a lot of time to follow up one by one. Follow up is very important in a business.”

There are 3 Main Functions of WA Sender Pro
(WA Sender + WA Extractor + WA Validator)


You can send a message either Text only or include Image to an existing number in your fume contact or import from outside (TXT format).

To reduce the risk of blocking, you can set an interval per message & sleep for a few minutes before sending again. You can also send a message to the group2 you join!


You can join any group of wasap easily, you can even extract all the numbers from that group! Search groups by keyword and invite them to join your group or send them appropriate advertising messages.

Not only that, you can also get all the wasap numbers of people who have chatted with you or the wasap numbers in your contact list!


You can check the phone number whether the number is Valid (can send fumes message) or invalid. You can validate numbers at random, extract from wasap group or import from TXT file. You can save a valid number to your contact list (vCard format).

However, the system will skip sending a message if the number is invalid. So, you do not have to worry about sending messages to your prospect list even if the number is invalid.


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