May 3, 2020
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How it works

WHATBOT is a software designed for those who want to automate the sending of Whatsapp messages directly from their PC in a simple and effective way.

WhatBot uses Whatsapp Web technology and it’s the perfect software for all those companies, businesses or freelancers who use Whatsapp to communicate with their customers.

Thanks to WhatBot you can set up automatic replies and also engage with users thanks to commands that once configured allow the customer to request different informations, receive support in real-time, subscribe or delete from the mailing list, receive offers and promotions, and so on.

Here are the reasons why you should try WhatBot:

✔ Automatically save the name and number of users who send a message to your Whatsapp account
✔ Automatically send welcome messages and registration confirmation
✔ Set commands to automate sending (dynamic menu)
✔ Send both text messages and multimedia messages with text, images, links and emoji
✔ Create dynamic menus in a simple and intuitive way
✔ Allows the user to unsubscribe
✔ Import and export customer data (name and number)
✔ Track all events (messages received and sent) in the “log” section
✔ Ability to customize all the automatic messages and translate them into your language (from the “Settings” menu

[GUIDE] How Does WhatBot Work?

Download WhatBot to your Windows PC. Once you open the program you will see this home screen.

STEP 1. Program configuration

The DEMO version of the program is already configured to show you how the system works. On the main screen of the program you will already see 5 preloaded commands: 5 types of messages that will be automatically sent to the user when the user types a command (in our case a number from 1 to 5).

For example, when the user will send a message with the command “2” he will automatically receive a message containing the current offers (text – image).

Before starting the chatbot, click on the menu TOOLS –> SETTINGS and the following window will open:

From the settings window that opens you can do these operations:

a) Turn on or off the “registration” feature that allows you to request and record the name of the user who sends you a message on Whatsapp. NOTE: the chatbot system works only if the user is not in your address book.

b) Edit the registration message and the welcome message. The command menu (if it is present on the main screen of the program) is automatically added in the welcome message. With the DEMO version you can edit these messages but you only have a few characters (30 for the registration message and 80 for the welcome message). NOTE: If you use the variable “{NAME}” the system will automatically write the user’s name.

c) Change the other types of messages that the end user receives when interacting with the BOT such as sending offers, error messages, and unsubscribe message.

Once you have made these changes, click SAVE to return to the home screen.


From the start screen of the program click at the bottom of the start SERVICE button

As showed in the figure above, a QR code will appear.
Get the phone to use as a BOT, open Whatsapp on that phone and from the settings click on Whatsapp Web. Then bring your mobile phone closer to your computer screen to scan the QR code.

After scanning the system will be ready to automatically reply to all users who will send a message to your Whatsapp account.
To test the process, send a Whatsapp message to the “BOT phone” from another Device.

For example, by sending a generic message such as “Hello”, the BOT will respond by asking for the name to continue (see image below)

Obviously all response messages are editable in the SETTINGS section.

Once the system receives the user’s NAME it stores it in the database (visible from the CUSTOMERS-> LIST menu) and reply by sending the WELCOME message with the command menu (some examples are preloaded in the DEMO version).

The customer can send one of the available commands to receive more information. For example, if you send the number 2 you can receive a message with offers (text and images), sending the number 1 can receive textual information and sending the number 5 can ask for the deletion from the service.

Here’s what the customer will see on Whatsapp:

As you can see, thanks to WHATBOT you can create an INTERACTIVE communication with the customer/user and you can send a different set of information.

Download the DEMO version of WhatBot now and try it out. It’s easier than it sounds, and with the PRO version (which costs only 29 euros) you can remove all kinds of limitations and create dynamic and personalized menus, write messages of unlimited length with links, emojis and images, and much more!

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